Cleopatra 2 Bonus Features


For people that play slot machines regularly, the thing they look forward to most is certainly the bonus features. IGT is a company that is known to producing some healthy bonuses throughout their slot machines and the Cleopatra 2 is certainly no exception.

This slot machine produces a free spin bonus, which allows players to win huge amounts of cash. To obtain this bonus, players need to obtain three or more of the special Sphinx scatter symbols that are rolling around the reels. They can land anywhere on the five reels and the bonus is automatically activated for the player.


The great thing about this bonus is that there are more bonuses attached to it. For each free spin that a player manages to achieve, the multiplier will be increased by one. Of course, there has to be a cap on this, and this has been set at 50 times the standard pay out.

To obtain the free spin bonuses, the player must select the amount of free spins carefully. They will be presented with a screen full of Royal boxes. Behind each of these screens there will be a number which relates to the amount of free spins that they will achieve.

Unfortunately there is no way of telling which of the three Royal boxes conceals the biggest reward. You just have to take your chances and hope for the best. If you do uncover the maximum free spins then you could be in for a real treat! Some huge payouts on Cleopatra 2 have occurred in this way!

Cleopatra II

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