Cleopatra Megajackpots Slot Review


For a lot of players, the excitement of the Cleopatra Megajackpots video slot machine is almost too much to bear, and they have to resist doing a maximum bet. Realistically, lining up 5 Megejackpots symbols on the centre pay line with the suggested maximum bet is low, but it does happen. When it does the payout is usually in the millions!

Something that a lot of online casino players don't know, is that this video slot machine is already a proven success. The Cleopatra Megajackpots slot machine is already available to play in a lot of the popular land based casinos throughout the world. Its popularity has continued to increase, to a point where WagerWorks realized that creating an online version would be a great idea.

Players in land based casinos also experience some great wins on a regular basis. The Megjackpots Cleopatra slot machine will pay out a range of different size wins, it all depends on the amount bet and how many of the 20 pay lines the players chooses to use.

The Megajackpots symbol is certainly the symbol that most players anticipate the most. Essentially, this symbol is the reason the majority of players play in the first place. The reality is that hitting this symbol will not just give the player the jackpot, but it will also make them eligible for other awards and bonuses as well, helping to increase there overall winnings even more!

There are plenty of things that players should be constantly looking out for to ensure that the game goes well and they maximize their profits. One of these things is certainly keeping an eye out for the Sphinx scatter symbols. They can appear anywhere on the five reels, so players need to pay close attention.


For players that are lucky enough to see the Sphinx scatter symbols, what comes next will certainly amaze them. The great thing is, this symbol can land anywhere on the five reels and there are still great benefits. When this happens 15 free spins will be given as a bare minimum. If that is not enough, then the Cleopatra Megajackpots slot will actually offer players a standard 3 times multiplier for each one of these spins. With that in mind, players could be 15 spins closer to the progressive jackpot as well!

One thing that IGT have focused on for this game is rewarding the real players. A lot of players these days choose to play the free money slots, and then wish that they had chosen to play on real money slots. Instead, IGT have produced an excellent slot that can only be enjoyed by people willing to risk real cash, to make real cash.

The rewards for the Megajackpots version of the Cleopatra slot game are probably the biggest draw. With jackpots exceeding £2 million quite regularly it is easy to see why some players perfer to play this one, over the orginal.

Cleopatra Megajackpots

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