Cleopatra's Chest Slots Review


For developers of online video slot machines, it is becoming harder and harder to develop something that players really go for. Developers need to find a happy medium of giving players something that is not just exciting to play, but is also going to pay out substantial amounts, giving players the potential to win lots of cash.

Cleopatra’s Chest is a new game that has been developed by Virtue Fusion. Virtue Fusion has certainly taken a lot of time and effort to develop a game that all players are going to be happy with. Whilst this online video slot machine may look like the norm, it is unique in its own right, with a range of great bonuses and symbols that help players progress quickly through the game.

Cleopatra’s Chest uses a popular setup, being 5 reels and 15 pay lines, enabling players to win on many different combinations. What this means is that players can use any of the 5 reels and 15 pay lines to make multiple combinations that will produce payouts.

Like many slot machines, no human calculation is required. Once the reels stop spinning the slot machine will automatically calculate any winning combinations and will add the winnings to the players running bankroll. The way Cleopatra’s Chest produces these payouts is exciting, with plenty of colors and graphics to keep everyone happy.

When players are gambling, they like to feel like they are somewhere of some significance. The Cleopatra’s Chest online video slot machine certainly gives this feel, making players feel like they really are in Vegas.

The unique thing about this slot machine is that it does not actually have any wild symbols. That being said, these are not really needed, due to the fact that Virtue Fusion has managed incorporate an impressive progressive jackpot instead. The progressive jackpot means that the potential winnings are ever increasing, meaning players can win more each time they spin.


For players that are particularly interested in this jackpot, they can keep an eye on exactly what the potential is for winning. If players take a look at the chest of Cleopatra, they will see the value of the current prize pool, something that they could win a percentage of, or something that they could win all of!

The Cleopatra’s Chest slot machine by Virtue Fusion is certainly a slot machine that any interested player should try out. With coin values starting from 0.10 and rising right through to 1.00 per line, all players can get involved, regardless of the stakes they play. What this also means is that the maximum bet is fairly substantial at 15.00 per spin, giving players the chance to win significant amounts of cash if they dare! It would be hard to say if it quite compares with Cleopatra slot from IGT or Cleopatra's Gold from RTG, that may be down to personal preference.

The payouts will vary depending on the amount that the player bets, just like any other slot machine that can be found at popular online casinos. The maximum payout for the Cleopatra’s Chest slot machine is 7,500 credits, relating to the per line bet, which is certainly a huge amount.

A lot of people start off by looking at the free play option. This is a great way for users to get to grips with the mechanics of the game. Beware though, players should levitate to the real play money option as soon as possible, as this is the only way that they can take advantage of the progressive jackpot that Virtue Fusion has offered with the Cleopatra’s Chest slot machine.

Another thing to take into account is just how this slot machine will pay out. Like the majority of slots, this will pay out from left to right, in that particular order. The payouts will vary depending on the quality of the symbol and will only be paid out once the reels have all stopped. For each coin a player bets, a new pay line will be activated, so the more coins a player bets, the bigger the chance of winning will become!

Cleopatra's Chest

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