Cleopatra’s Gold Slots Review


Cleopatra’s Gold slot game is a brand new wagering game that has been created by RealTime Gaming, a world leader in the development of casino software. Whilst this slot shows some great similarities to a lot of others online, it does offer some differences as well, which allow players to differentiate it from the others that are currently available.

This slot machine features a 5 reel structure which uses a pay line setup of 25. What this means for players is that the five reels spinning at any time will help them to create any kind of winning combinations. Once the reels become stationery, the computer system that has been developed will automatically calculate the winnings and award them to the player.

RealTime Gaminig are well known for developing video slots, as they offer something extra and exciting to any slot machine. Like a lot of their games, this slot is based on a story, which tends to make the game play that much more interesting from a player’s point of view.

The story goes that many centuries ago; one of the wealthiest societies and groups of people was born. Among the banks of the Nile, groups of people were working their way to a point of well being and extremely high wealth. Players will experience their journey from nothing right through to seeing them develop into wealthy citizens thanks to the videos that have been developed as part of the story.

In fact, the majority of people already know the wealth that the Egyptians had. They recorded their wealth through their hieroglyphics, which allowed historians to decide just how wealthy they were. If that wasn’t enough, then there are plenty of tombs that hold plenty of wealth as proof.

Essentially, the Cleopatra Gold slot machine from RealTime Gaming gives players a chance to explore Egypt. They will visit many famous landmarks in the country throughout their game play and along the way, they will unlock an array of bonuses and features that will allow them to score that big win.


There are plenty of ways for players on the Cleopatra Gold slot machine to win. The longer they play, the more likely they are to get any one of the many bonuses and features. These include the likes of multipliers for winnings and in some cases, even a long reel of free spins, which basically equates to free cash!

As far as the excitement side of things goes, this is plentiful when playing this slot. RealTime Gaming has set the value of $1 per bet as a fixed fee. This means that each line will have a bet value of $0.04, as all of the 25 lines that are available to a player are available.

The RealTime Gaming platform is certainly technologically advanced in comparison to many of their other developments. Everything they have every thought to include in their gaming developments has been incorporated here, which makes the game a great one to be playing.

The likes of great multipliers and scatter symbols help players win a much greater amount than they would of other wise. In fact, the fun does not stop there, as players will be able to obtain the spin feature - skill stop, the gold game free feature and even a progressive jackpot, which could see them win huge amounts.

The progressive jackpot is certainly something that a lot of players will be looking out closely for. The reality is that their bet could will them a 50,000 times bet per line, which could amount to a huge amount. Once a player wins this jackpot, it will automatically be reset back to $100,000, ready for the next player to cash in.

Cleopatra's Gold

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