How to Play Cleopatra Slot


Learning how to play the Cleopatra online video slot machine could not be any easier. There are hundreds of websites offering advice and even tutorials relating to the game, but here is the thing; no player should need them.

IGT is a company that is a world leader in the casino industry for a reason; because they make their games fun, but easy to play. They design their games knowing that new players might stumble upon them, so they make their software easy to pick up. On the same note, they also ensure that experienced players do not get bored, by offering plenty of bonuses and extra features.

To play the Cleopatra slot, the player needs to select the amount of lines they want to bet. This is easily done in the slot interface, where players can bet anything from 1-20 lines. Of course, betting all the lines gives the player a much better chance of winning, but it will also make a much bigger dent in their bankroll as well. So this is something the player will need to take into account.

Once the player has selected the amount of lines they will be betting, they will need to choose how much per line that they are willing to risk. These two numbers multiplied will give the total bet and the player can start spinning the reels on the Cleopatra slot to see what it has in store for them!

One thing to take into account is that not every winning combination on a pay line will be paid out to a player on the Cleopatra slot. The reality is that if this was the case, the payouts would have to be much smaller. Instead, on a pay line where there are multiple winning combinations, a player will receive the value of the highest winning combination, which could amount to a great deal of cash.

The great thing about the way IGT has set up this slot is they have made it fairly easy for a player to win. the scatter symbol does not need to be on an active pay line to create a winning combination. Essentially, this is like the slot machine is staking a line for the player, giving them a much bigger chance of obtaining a bigger win.

Players can constantly keep an eye on their progress by looking at their credits which are located at the bottom of the screen. As wins occur, the computer system on the Cleopatra slot will automatically adjust the amount of credits that they possess.

Cleopatra Slot

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