Cleopatra Slot Symbols


Symbols in the Cleopatra online video slot machine are extremely important. There are plenty of different symbols, but only two main ones that players really need to look out for. The wild symbol and the sphinx symbol are the two that are likely to produce the most income for a player playing the Cleopatra slot machine.

The wild is also known as the multiplier symbol. The great thing about this symbol is that it substitutes for every other symbol in the game, but not for the sphinx symbol. The reality is that if it did substitute for the sphinx, then the game would be too easy!

The substitution can take place at any point during the game. It can substitute to make any one of the winning combinations complete. The good point here is that the computer system in the Cleopatra slot machine will automatically calculate and substitute the symbol for the player, so they really do not have to do anything.

The other main symbol is the sphinx symbol, which is also known as the scatter symbol. The best thing about the scatter symbol in the majority of IGT games, including this one, is that it does not have to be on an active pay line to produce a win. This means that combinations that would never have been completed, have been completed, giving the player some great cash prizes.

One thing to keep an eye on is the amount of sphinx symbols on the reels. If a player manages to obtain three of these symbols on any of the reels, then they will get elevated directly to the free spins bonus round!

Cleopatra Slot

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