Cleopatra 2 slot

This review is purely for reference, Cleopatra 2 has been discontinued for online play by IGT

The Cleopatra 2 online video slot machine is largely modified version of the original Cleopatra slot. This means that people that enjoyed the first version are likely to have plenty of fun when playing this version. Whilst the majority of the mechanics are the same, there are some significant changes that provide an interesting alternative.

Screenshots of Cleopatra 2
Cleopatra 2 Base Game and Cleo II symbols
Base Game and Cleo II symbols
Cleopatra 2 Game screen and symbols
Game screen and symbols
Cleopatra 2 Free games triggered
Free games triggered
Cleopatra 2 Pick bonus free spins
Pick bonus free spins

The Cleopatra 2 slot machine features a fairly standard setup, using 5 reels and 20 pay lines, which mean there are plenty of ways for players to form their winning combinations. Essentially, the more coins a player bets, the better their chances of winning are. Each coin that is added to the bet will activate another pay line.

This slot machine offers everything and more than the original version, including all the usual bonuses and symbols. The Wild symbols are incredibly important to players as it can help them double their original winnings. Along side this, the free spin bonus can be a great thing for players to obtain, a way to win much more than they would otherwise.

The great thing about the Cleopatra 2 online video slot machine is that players can be winning regularly and still hit a big win. IGT have designed this slot machine to ensure that players can hit the free spin bonus on a much more regular basis. What this means is the chance of accumulating big wins is a frequent occurrence and one that is exciting at the same time.

The features that are included in the Cleopatra 2 slot machine make the whole game incredibly exciting. Instead of waiting for the smaller wins, the bonuses that are available throughout, help players get to a point in the game where they are consistent winners.

Free Spins and up to 50x multiplier!

This slot machine produces a free spin bonus, which allows players to win huge amounts of cash. To obtain this bonus, players need to obtain three or more of the special Sphinx scatter symbols that are rolling around the reels. They can land anywhere on the five reels and the bonus is automatically activated for the player.

The great thing about this bonus is that there are more bonuses attached to it. For each free spin that a player manages to achieve, the multiplier will be increased by one. Of course, there has to be a cap on this, and this has been set at 50 times the standard pay out.

To obtain the free spin bonuses, the player must select the amount of free spins carefully. They will be presented with a screen full of Royal boxes. Behind each of these screens there will be a number which relates to the amount of free spins that they will achieve.

The likes of the Wild symbol multipliers on the Cleopatra 2 slot help players get instant cash advances. That being said, if they manage to pick up the scatter symbols as well, they will manage to achieve the free bonus feature. At this point their multiplier could be increased to anything right up to 50 times the usual, which is obviously a huge amount and something that every single player will be striving for!

As this slot is no longer available I would point you in the direction of Cleopatra Megajackpots or Cleopatra Plus as an alternative. The latter of these two is probably the one that is most closely matched.